Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fun while working!

Last May 19-22, 2009 the Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB) conducted the 17th National Youth Congress at the Marikina Hotel, Marikina City. The event was graced by the city mayor Lourdes Fernando, other government officials and Chairman Bayani Fernando as the keynote speaker.

Our office, the National Youth Commission was invited to be their partner to this endeavor which is to “Fight Drugs”.

This event is so worth remembering ‘coz we had real fun and adventure: adventure in the sense that on the first night, up until 10 PM, we do not have rooms to lay our wasted selves!

We also had our little camwhoring! Ooppss! By the way pictures taken were courtesy of Mr. Jose “Joepep” Cielos, our ever reliable photographer.

(Ate Kong "Her Majesty" and Me)

Loise, Me and Ate Didith while enjoying the view

the staircase

do you see what i see?

Paint enthusiasts

Mah new boo!

The Group (Kuya Marlo, Ate Kong, Kuya Andy, Nino, Loise, Joepep (the photographer), Ate Didith and Me

With Ate Percie Smith

Busy Mode!

PowerPuff Gurlzzzzz

PowerPuff Gurlsz with Kuya Andy

That four day activity was a lot of fun!

Not a so, so day...

Today is not a so, so day…. (I think everyday is special!). I suppose that being able to wake up everyday is a great blessing from God.

Today, I am also wearing my fave pink shirt. I guess this is the reason why I feel so energized. I was able to practice my makeup skill with Tess, geez she really is cute when make-over (and when she get to lose those stubborn fats) bwahahahhahah!!!!! I gave her a simple everyday look. Tess’ face is freckled but I think that we shouldn’t hide those imperfections because that’s the way it should be. I only made her eyes, cheeks and shaped her eyebrows. With the eyes, I just patted eye primer from artdeco, just to make sure that the eye shadows will last until office hours, then I used the VOV in shimmery white for the base and ellana mineral eyeshadow in smokey (somewhat gray in color) then blend, blend, blend. I contoured her cheeks with the healthy glowing bronzer in sunkissed from ELF topped it with The Body Shop’s cheek bloom shade in dune pink. She just used her ever favorite lippies from ever bilena in dark red matte. Just shaved her eyebrows to frame her face and viola! It’s just so simply amazing. Only I forgot to have it pictured bleh!

Hmmm… I am only troubled with these little bumps on my chin. Nakakainis nga kasi while we had lunch yesterday, it was mistaken for a grain of rice duh?!!!! Eto pa I just drank a cereal drink coz I am battling with baby fats right now hehehe! My skin regimen is not so working right now… sino kaya ang culprit. In the morning I wash my face with Avon’s facial wash then toned my face with green tea toner also from Avon, moisturize my face with the Body Shop’s tea tree moisturizer and patted some eye cream from L’oreal and lastly, put a pea size amount of sun block all over my face. At night when I really put heavy make-up, I wiped it off with L’oreal make up remover then the usual cleaning, toning, moisturizing and eye cream then put Eskinol blemish spot whatever (forgot the whole name of it). I just don’t know what is wrong, I only got zits on my chin forever. I am thinking maybe it is the toothpaste (Colgate) that is to blame, I’ll just finish it then buy another brand hehe!


First-time BLOGGER!

Hi everyone! this is my first time to blog and i am really excited! I hope I could get away with this one! I am so nervous (dugdug, dugdug, dugdug... heart beating so fast!) Have a great day!