Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Risk of sitting down, ALL DAY!

Hi everyone!  I want to share with you lovely ladies what I have read this morning from the net.  I may say that it did scared me a lot, because I work in an office where I sit all day long, facing the computer and never do either stretching or simply walk around my table (sigh).  I really am living an unhealthy life (guilty me), not regularly eating fruits and vegetables and being lazy to do simple exercises as well.  So I hope you do some pulling and stretching and remember to eat healthy unlike me (hehehe).

click to see in full view.

Till next time, enjoy the rest of you day!!!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Outfit post: Stripy stripe!

It's been raining so hard these past few days, so I had to wear something casual to the office.  I like it when it rains (not the typhoonish type ha!) because first,  I never have to worry that my make up would melt (lolz), second I don't get easily irritated because of the cool weather (diba?). I also love the atmosphere too, I get to reminisce a lot of things, so nostalgic!  Enough of my blabbering, here's what I wore at the office today, so very very casual hihi!

Boo, for that awkward pose!
It looked like I'm going to the market here! Lolz
The bag's not mine (whisphering) sshhhh!

And here's what my face looked like in zoom view hahaha!

Enough of the camwhoring,hahaha! Here's the details of the outfit.

Blouse: F21, Skirt: Thrifted, Belt: SM Dept. Store, Shoes: Celine Bag: Borrowed

Thanks for looking everyone.  Hope you have a nice day ahead!


Monday, May 23, 2011

Sweet Nails

Happy Monday everyone!!!  I really am so happy to tell you that I started to do nail art again.  I stopped doing so because I went to Singapore and visited my husband and be a dutiful wife (lol) and I got short nails so I was very lazy to do it.

My nails have grown back and I did a simple (sweet) nail design.  I love chocolate and I must admit that when doing the design I simply missed eating M & Ms. 

Hope you like it sweeties!
So kyoot! 

Yes!  It is melting, like the M&M candies! LOLz
I used different polish on this design and used a white 2 way nail art pen for the letter M!



Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rainy Thursday!

I am so happy that I have been able to blog again, there’s this feeling of joy that I am able to express my everyday activities and feelings.  Thanks everyone for just being there (sheepishly smiling), even when I do not post regularly.

Today, I wore a leopard print blouse which I bought at Tutuban Center, F21 jeans and a pair of zebra print flats from Parisian.

I feel energized today!  It rained last night and I really slept well, hmmm… I still feel the softness of my pillows right now >_< !  I also took some pictures of my accessories today using my phone cam!  I love them so much!

I really like this necklace, so classic.

The bangles I mentioned to you in my last post.

Earrings from my cousin too.

Parisian flats
Seeing these photos I took, made me think, I really have to buy a decent camera.  I am using my sister’s camera on most pictures here in my blog, but it gave up on us recently (sigh).  Save.  Save.  Save.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I missed Blogging a lot!

Today is just like the other day!  I’ve got nothing else to do but wait for some youth organizations to submit requirements to get their registration certificates until five minutes to lunch break we were told that we have to eat lunch at exactly twelve noon.  Some kind of private office rules, geez, but I am not in a private office (annoyed)!  I could get a good laugh at the situation but also I got irritated at that moment because we ate lunch just five minutes earlier, how strict and annoying, really!  

Oh well, I have to let that moment pass and move on.  I am thinking, I really should enroll at David Salon’s short courses.  I search for beauty school in the internet and I saw David’s Salon, L’oreal Philippines, and Ricky Reyes School of Beauty and got their contact numbers and emails addresses but only David’s salon respond to my inquiry. I want to take up hair relaxing and rebonding course.  I have read in forums that it’s a good side line aside from being a make up artist.  It’s just that they do not have schedules on week ends and I really have to take leave from office to attend the training.  Their training fee is almost five thousand pesos, their training should be that good because I have to shell out hard earned money hahahah!  I want to start saving money, or I should say I should have saved money a long time ago.  I love shopping physically and thru on-line but I refrain myself from doing so.  I really have to do it this time!

I also want to take up make up courses but the tuition fee is very steep.  I also want to learn how to make jewelries and dress making!  But I do not have money!  Maybe I should sell some of my polish hahaha! 

Oh well, I got the chance to exchange my Ensogo voucher yesterday.  I got a 9 inch dark chocolate cake named Death by Tablea from Chocolat.  I am super excited to try it because it looked so good on the web (I am literally salivating seeing those yummy cakes) and also for half the original price, what can you ask for?

Tasting it?  Hmmmm….it’s an okay for me.  Not that fantastic!  I find the icing too sweet and bitter but I love the bread (cake) itself, it is so moist and chewy.   I gave some to my officemates for them to taste it too!  Some liked it and some like me find it too sweet also.

BTW, I bought another voucher from Metrodeal!  I hate me, for being an impulsive buyer haha!  Just when I said that I need to save money, how was that?!  But it’s just a small deal from Cheesecake etc. (smiling).

I am wearing Elianto in Racing Green on my nails today!  I love its shimmering color!  I buy nail polish no more.  I am just using my old polishes again and again, but I am not complaining because some of those, I haven’t even used.  I do not find time to do my nails anymore because I got addicted to the web when I get home from work, surfing and surfing for stuff on how to earn and save money hahaha, me being so silly!  I miss my colorful nails too, the compliments I get from office mates (vain)! 

I love the shirt I am wearing for work today.  It is from my cousin in Japan.  I love the print and style, so glittery and fab!  Also my officemate, Ate Mela, gave me two pieces of her light blue bracelet which she got from her sister from the US.  I suppperrr love it!  I bribed her with a piece of the chocolate cake I told you (evil laughs).


No photos, just because I got lazy taking one!