Friday, May 6, 2016

Current mood

Staying afloat... still staying to be relevant.

I am much of a wall paper.  I am not THIS.  

But I can not assert nor push it because I don't want to hurt.  

I let them be... 

I let them be.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Past Time

I have been into on-line selling a few years back when Multiply is on its peak.  Thank God that Divisoria is just one jeepney ride away that I get to go there whenever I feel like it. 

Now on-line selling has been my back up income aside from my daily job which I think is a nice idea if one is a low income employee.  My little income from it can help me buy things I like but not necessary (hehe!) in my everyday living.

From it, I can buy gifts, tokens and splurge on food that I want without having the guilt of spending my hard earned money.  

Today, my office mates and friends see me as a walking store because I sell food, clothes and a lot more.  Not only that,  because of the economy of my country right now I am thinking of being an entrepreneur.  One by one... little by little.   :)  

Right now, I also have this coffee vending machine in our office that I think sells well from them.  It has three variants; mocha, hot chocolate and Maxwell coffee.  ROI may be too slow but that's ok.  I am also thinking of putting a laundry shop and a massage chair business.  I hope my plans would push through, I need to study the business first and if God is willing.

Our office cooperative has been very helpful to its members that it offers a loan called Business Loan.   This loan is payable in two years with a maximum amount of 100,000.00 pesos I think and will be deducted from the employee's salary after the sixth month the loan was made.  With its interest of 1% a month, that's not so bad after all.  So if and when I have studied and might push through with my business plans, I would consider borrowing money from our cooperative.

I would still continue to manage my little on-line shop For Keeps Online Shop to bring fun, new and exciting items to my not so many customers :P .  Kindly visit it and if you have something that interests you, do not hesitate to PM me!

Much Love,