Monday, July 4, 2011

ChG Broken Hearted

Oh crackle!!! Yeah, China Glaze has its own line of cracking polish and I bought one (only) heheheh!  It's the Broken Hearted Crackle Glaze.  I love the dark pink that compliments all colors weeeeee!!!!  It was raved and I have to get atleast one hehehe (no more budget). And I am so very happy. See!

The cute bottle of the crackle polish...
 I also bought the image plate where there's the legendary icons Monroe, Jackson, Marley etc....

I love it... looks so vintage! wowowweeeee!
Blue polish base is from Etude and then topped with the ChG polish.
Even I can't get to have the whole crackle line, I am still happy because of the color I chose to buy hehehe!!!

Happy Monday every one!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bodyshop Haul!

It's good to have the Love your body card from Bodyshop!  I get to have lots of discounts!  And these are my loots!!!

Body lotion in orange flavor - i love it, it smells oh so good!
The Bodyshop Oil Free Balancing foundation. 

with flash
without flash
I used this foundation during my office's anniversary, I will do a different post on it!

God bless you all ladies!!!

Papi's Birthday at Kamayan

June 22 was the 78th birthday of my father!  We celebrated it by dining at Kamayan restaurant in Padre Faura St, Manila.  We enjoyed all the dishes (Filipino dish) and I am so happy that my father enjoyed the night too!!!
This is my family! (minus the hubby) 
Papa and my sister Emily.  A band of blind singers, sang a birthday
song for him too.
Me and Eunice, enjoying our food
Mama, Me and Papi, who do you think I look like?
Me! Baleno Shirt, Ukay shorts :P
Me + Full = Happiness
It rained so hard that night and the traffic was heavy.  Typhoon Falcon was on its way, but we looked at it as a blessing!!!

Random Nail Art!

Here are some nail art I made during those months I was on hiatus!!!! Hope you like it, though they were so simple designs...

Milani Tricky Treat, I love the color, it made my hand classy!
Stamped it with cross design from Bundle Monster

Zoya Harlow Matte stamped with leopard image from Konad
Zoya Harlow Matte stamped with zebra image from Konad too!
Thanks for the visit!!!

Del Sol Color-Changing Nail Polish

I was excited when I heard from one of the members of FabUrNails (on facebook), Annie, that she sells Del Sol polishes.  I already made reservations for a set of the then raved polish because I kinda imagined it to be so magical (changing colors when you wear it outdoors).  But when I got back from my trip and made it delivered to m. I was frustrated because only one polish changed its color on me! (sigh)

the set of the Del Sol polish
Heartbreak, I love its redness and shimmer but it did not change into violet
when I put it under the scorching sun.
Island Fever, my least favorite of all, I thought it would change into that
dark color you see on the cap of the polish but it did not.
Ruby Slipper, my fave and you can see why.  I love to play with it under
the sun hahaha! I should have put on some sunblock.
Ruby Slipper is love... I added it to my fave polishes!