Sunday, July 3, 2011

Papi's Birthday at Kamayan

June 22 was the 78th birthday of my father!  We celebrated it by dining at Kamayan restaurant in Padre Faura St, Manila.  We enjoyed all the dishes (Filipino dish) and I am so happy that my father enjoyed the night too!!!
This is my family! (minus the hubby) 
Papa and my sister Emily.  A band of blind singers, sang a birthday
song for him too.
Me and Eunice, enjoying our food
Mama, Me and Papi, who do you think I look like?
Me! Baleno Shirt, Ukay shorts :P
Me + Full = Happiness
It rained so hard that night and the traffic was heavy.  Typhoon Falcon was on its way, but we looked at it as a blessing!!!

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