Sunday, July 3, 2011

Del Sol Color-Changing Nail Polish

I was excited when I heard from one of the members of FabUrNails (on facebook), Annie, that she sells Del Sol polishes.  I already made reservations for a set of the then raved polish because I kinda imagined it to be so magical (changing colors when you wear it outdoors).  But when I got back from my trip and made it delivered to m. I was frustrated because only one polish changed its color on me! (sigh)

the set of the Del Sol polish
Heartbreak, I love its redness and shimmer but it did not change into violet
when I put it under the scorching sun.
Island Fever, my least favorite of all, I thought it would change into that
dark color you see on the cap of the polish but it did not.
Ruby Slipper, my fave and you can see why.  I love to play with it under
the sun hahaha! I should have put on some sunblock.
Ruby Slipper is love... I added it to my fave polishes!



  1. hahah.. same here i love the ruby slipper and also the trik or treat del sol polish...

  2. i like ruby slipper because i can tell when the sun is at it's peak. it means i need more sunblock on!

    pero lam mo, pag nagtagal at naiwan mo sya sa mainit na place nagiging yellow-ish sya..
    yellow na yung ruby slipper ko!

  3. thanks sis Thriszha!!!

    Sis Thiamere, talaga nagyeyellow na xa? naku dapat palang ingatan yan heheheh parang baby lang hihihi