Thursday, August 23, 2012

Nail Post

Whew!  What a week?!  Uber loaded with work and I can't find time to post on this blog.  Even if I had a long week-end (because of the two day holiday), I am getting out of breath with so many things to do.  I can feel that I am ready to explode but thanks to my prayer warriors (my office mates) who were there to support and pray with me in times like this. :)

Enough of my rants hehehe!  I just want to share with you my nails I did during the past week. I was even surprised that I can still do this.  I really have to do it in a hurry hehehe!

Excuse the hubby at the back. LOLz

This one is a simple nail art design.  I used Sally Hansen (White), Elianto Polish (Red) and glitter polish with stripping brush.

I made mention in my last post that I actually hoarded lots of water decals.  And here's one of them, Pink Rose Petals water decal.  Easy to apply and you're ready to go!

And  I want you to meet my favorite among the litter.  Hubby named him Redford White!  All white and so furry!

Redford White
BTW, congratulations to all the new Nurses in the Philippines! :)

That would be all for now.  God bless us all!


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Nail Post: Foils

I bought (again!) some nail stuff last Sunday.  Yes, nail foils and a lot of water decals! Nail foil is a favorite because I use this when I am in a hurry.  I just need to have clean nails, adhesive, nail foil, and top coat and I am good to go.

I chose gold dust, leopard prints and zebra prints.  I am excited to use this right away!

I excitedly put on the leopard print.  I love it!

Though I needed a little more practice putting nail foils, I am happy with this anyway.  See the bald spots?  Hehehe, I learned that I have to wait at least 3 minutes for the adhesive to become transparent so the nail foil will adhere more to the nail.

I also got water decals in different designs.  Here I just took a picture of what I am going to give to a friend.

Wait for my other post using my favorite designs! :)

Have a blessed Wednesday lovelies!


Monday, August 13, 2012


Yes, I am one proud seller of Polvoron here in our office. Though it may consider a small business, this really helps a lot when I need extra money to buy things for my hobbies like nail polish and make up.

Not only Polvoron or cup cakes but anything I can find saleable, I offer to my office mates!

My Polvoron is made out of the usual ingredients such as All Purpose flour, Powdered Milk, Sugar, Butter and Vanilla. If you want you may want give variants to your Polvoron by adding Oreo cookies, Rice Crisps or Chocolate Chips.

I am using a small Polvoron moulder that I bought at SM Department Store and wrapped it in clear cellophanes cut in small squares. I sell these 3 pieces in a pack for only 12 pesos. :)

My Oreo flavored Polvoron.

The plain ones which is my favorite.

Neatly packed and ready for selling.

Goodness in small bites.

Try making this at home, it's so good you can not stop popping this into your mouth.  

Warning:  Can cause addiction!

** Please help Filipinos pray that typhoon Helen would slow down and move to different direction.  God bless us all.

Elsa :)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Color Club Dry Ice Rapid (?) Nail Lacquer Dryer

As a nail art enthusiast, I have to look for the best quick drying solution for my nails.  I had tried several, some cheap and some are way above my budget limit.  Buying again top brand like OPI is not an option for me, I am not rich and I have something else to buy that is more important than this.  And buying cheap brand like Bobbie is like hitting your head on the wall... waste of money.

I searched for the quick drying solution and last, last Saturday (yes that long! Uber lazy to do post.) I was able to spot Color Club Dry Ice.  I got excited.  The Sales Person really did her job well and made me buy the item quickly.  For 420 Pesos or 10 dollars I get hold of the solution.

It says:

The finale' to a perfect manicure or pedicure, this extremely fast-drying formula penetrates all layers of polish in UNDER a minute.

DIRECTIONS:  Wait one minute after applying Color Club top coat, then simply apply one drop of Dry Ice to each nails... and away you go!

Yes, I have just lost my money for this buy.  I followed the instructions to the T, except in applying Color club top coat, I used top coat from Elianto instead.  It didn't dry in UNDER A MINUTE, but an hour!

I don't know if I had put on thick two coats of my chosen polish or didn't use THEIR top coat.  I am totally disappointed with the result.  I needed the solution because I only get to do nail art at night because of my busy schedule in day time.  And I need to dry my polish QUICK as I want to sleep early too :(

If I had known I should have bought the one from China Glaze instead despite the heavy to pocket price.

I will just use this for those days I am not in a hurry to dry my nail polish though.  Sad....

Still, happy Friday everyone!


Monday, August 6, 2012

NOTD and some nail stuff

The sun still doesn't shine here for the past two weeks.  There is no typhoon though (thank God!) but the atmosphere is gloomy and I want to stay in bed the whole time if not for the job at stake he he he!

And what to do when it's raining outside but to do nail art.  I am now happy I am growing my nails fast.  Long nails can do justice with beautiful nail colors right?  This one I will show is just a simple one.  I had light color put on the four fingers and a dark color one for my ring finger.  

Showing here is the Color Club Dry Ice
I love the color combo!  I used Dashing Diva and Elianto polishes.
I also had bought some nail stuff.  Aside from the Color Club Dry Ice where I get a big time disappointment, I got a buy one get one item from Sally Hansen!  I really am glad that I had the chance to get the last piece, :)  The Sally Hansen Dry Kwik and Double Duty.  I will blog about my disappointment with Dry Ice and rant about the Dry Kwik from Sally Hansen in another post.

See it's for free!
I also bought these Bobbie Magnetic Polishes.  Epic fail on these two.  Magnets on polishes was so week it didn't budged at all! Grrrrr.....  

Still hoping the sun shine this week.  And I am praying for the flood to subside quickly.   Happy Monday everyone!