Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Nail Post: Foils

I bought (again!) some nail stuff last Sunday.  Yes, nail foils and a lot of water decals! Nail foil is a favorite because I use this when I am in a hurry.  I just need to have clean nails, adhesive, nail foil, and top coat and I am good to go.

I chose gold dust, leopard prints and zebra prints.  I am excited to use this right away!

I excitedly put on the leopard print.  I love it!

Though I needed a little more practice putting nail foils, I am happy with this anyway.  See the bald spots?  Hehehe, I learned that I have to wait at least 3 minutes for the adhesive to become transparent so the nail foil will adhere more to the nail.

I also got water decals in different designs.  Here I just took a picture of what I am going to give to a friend.

Wait for my other post using my favorite designs! :)

Have a blessed Wednesday lovelies!


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  1. I'm so amazed at people who can apply these! I can't do this to save my life :) LOL

    great post! Thank you for sharing :) followed you now on google friend connect :) hope you can visit my blog too and maybe get a follow back? Thank you and looking forward to more posts!