Thursday, August 23, 2012

Nail Post

Whew!  What a week?!  Uber loaded with work and I can't find time to post on this blog.  Even if I had a long week-end (because of the two day holiday), I am getting out of breath with so many things to do.  I can feel that I am ready to explode but thanks to my prayer warriors (my office mates) who were there to support and pray with me in times like this. :)

Enough of my rants hehehe!  I just want to share with you my nails I did during the past week. I was even surprised that I can still do this.  I really have to do it in a hurry hehehe!

Excuse the hubby at the back. LOLz

This one is a simple nail art design.  I used Sally Hansen (White), Elianto Polish (Red) and glitter polish with stripping brush.

I made mention in my last post that I actually hoarded lots of water decals.  And here's one of them, Pink Rose Petals water decal.  Easy to apply and you're ready to go!

And  I want you to meet my favorite among the litter.  Hubby named him Redford White!  All white and so furry!

Redford White
BTW, congratulations to all the new Nurses in the Philippines! :)

That would be all for now.  God bless us all!


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