Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Skater Boy

I am so happy that I have a husband who is very gentle, loving and has a very very long patience (LOL!).

We are college sweethearts, we go on secret dates back then.  We love food, walking and we do everything under the sun.

I am so very proud of him.  I always tell him that I am so very grateful I have him and will be forever be in love with him.

Now my skater boy that were once a bmx rider will soon become a great Chef!  

Change is inevitable - except from a vending machine. - 
Robert C. Gallagher

Cheesecake, etc

It’s our first time to dine-in at Cheesecake, etc, Glorietta 4, Makati City, and it was fun.  We used the discount vouchers I bought at Metrodeal Philippines.  I really love buying discount vouchers, I get to have huge discounts and I also get to try different services that they offer (wink).

 I bought two vouchers priced at Php 250.00 each with a value of a Php 500.00 total of Php 1,000.00, isn't it a steal (bwahahahahh)!!!! Anything I do (stalking promos) just for food!

the hubby while waiting for our orders!!!

My lovely niece and moi!

Her Putanesca is so yummy!

Iced coffee

My not so good shot heheheh!  I ordered the seafood pasta (so safe!)

His oh so delicious Longganiza Pasta!!!

And their famous Cheesecakes!

The staff were so nice and accommodating.  The food is good and the best of all, we had fun!

Life is good!!!

Hi there dear readers! (If there is one! Hahahahah!) I’ve been really bad abandoning this blog for awhile, it’s just that I was busy with life that I forgot to update.

One, I was busy with work, then second with the coming home of the hubby…. (kilegs)!!!!

Life is really awesome!!! And God is good!!!! (I hope that I really be back updating this blog.)

Have a blessed day to all!!!!

Boracay with the hubby.  August 15-17, 2011

"Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today."