Friday, August 10, 2012

Color Club Dry Ice Rapid (?) Nail Lacquer Dryer

As a nail art enthusiast, I have to look for the best quick drying solution for my nails.  I had tried several, some cheap and some are way above my budget limit.  Buying again top brand like OPI is not an option for me, I am not rich and I have something else to buy that is more important than this.  And buying cheap brand like Bobbie is like hitting your head on the wall... waste of money.

I searched for the quick drying solution and last, last Saturday (yes that long! Uber lazy to do post.) I was able to spot Color Club Dry Ice.  I got excited.  The Sales Person really did her job well and made me buy the item quickly.  For 420 Pesos or 10 dollars I get hold of the solution.

It says:

The finale' to a perfect manicure or pedicure, this extremely fast-drying formula penetrates all layers of polish in UNDER a minute.

DIRECTIONS:  Wait one minute after applying Color Club top coat, then simply apply one drop of Dry Ice to each nails... and away you go!

Yes, I have just lost my money for this buy.  I followed the instructions to the T, except in applying Color club top coat, I used top coat from Elianto instead.  It didn't dry in UNDER A MINUTE, but an hour!

I don't know if I had put on thick two coats of my chosen polish or didn't use THEIR top coat.  I am totally disappointed with the result.  I needed the solution because I only get to do nail art at night because of my busy schedule in day time.  And I need to dry my polish QUICK as I want to sleep early too :(

If I had known I should have bought the one from China Glaze instead despite the heavy to pocket price.

I will just use this for those days I am not in a hurry to dry my nail polish though.  Sad....

Still, happy Friday everyone!


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