Monday, August 13, 2012


Yes, I am one proud seller of Polvoron here in our office. Though it may consider a small business, this really helps a lot when I need extra money to buy things for my hobbies like nail polish and make up.

Not only Polvoron or cup cakes but anything I can find saleable, I offer to my office mates!

My Polvoron is made out of the usual ingredients such as All Purpose flour, Powdered Milk, Sugar, Butter and Vanilla. If you want you may want give variants to your Polvoron by adding Oreo cookies, Rice Crisps or Chocolate Chips.

I am using a small Polvoron moulder that I bought at SM Department Store and wrapped it in clear cellophanes cut in small squares. I sell these 3 pieces in a pack for only 12 pesos. :)

My Oreo flavored Polvoron.

The plain ones which is my favorite.

Neatly packed and ready for selling.

Goodness in small bites.

Try making this at home, it's so good you can not stop popping this into your mouth.  

Warning:  Can cause addiction!

** Please help Filipinos pray that typhoon Helen would slow down and move to different direction.  God bless us all.

Elsa :)

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