Monday, August 6, 2012

NOTD and some nail stuff

The sun still doesn't shine here for the past two weeks.  There is no typhoon though (thank God!) but the atmosphere is gloomy and I want to stay in bed the whole time if not for the job at stake he he he!

And what to do when it's raining outside but to do nail art.  I am now happy I am growing my nails fast.  Long nails can do justice with beautiful nail colors right?  This one I will show is just a simple one.  I had light color put on the four fingers and a dark color one for my ring finger.  

Showing here is the Color Club Dry Ice
I love the color combo!  I used Dashing Diva and Elianto polishes.
I also had bought some nail stuff.  Aside from the Color Club Dry Ice where I get a big time disappointment, I got a buy one get one item from Sally Hansen!  I really am glad that I had the chance to get the last piece, :)  The Sally Hansen Dry Kwik and Double Duty.  I will blog about my disappointment with Dry Ice and rant about the Dry Kwik from Sally Hansen in another post.

See it's for free!
I also bought these Bobbie Magnetic Polishes.  Epic fail on these two.  Magnets on polishes was so week it didn't budged at all! Grrrrr.....  

Still hoping the sun shine this week.  And I am praying for the flood to subside quickly.   Happy Monday everyone!


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  1. im sick & tired of the rain na din

    awwww... well i guess it's better to buy a separate magnet o kaya you can make your own magnet na lang!