Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Food Post: My Coconut Macaroons

As I write this post, I am giggling just looking at this beautiful coconut macaroons!  I am so happy with my macaroons because it is so delicious that I ate five to six pieces.  I also brought this goodies in our office and viola!  it's gone in a minute!

It was perfectly baked with the right golden brown look.  It was so chewy and not too sweet perfect for selling (LOLz).

This macaroons is so easy to prepare with not so many ingredients to find, only the basic:  desiccated coconuts, sweetened condensed milk, flour, butter, vanilla and egg... that's it!

Really,  office mates asked me if I can deliver, I just blushed at the thought they really liked my piece.  I am so proud to have come up with these.

Have a nice Tuesday y'all!


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