Monday, May 23, 2011

Sweet Nails

Happy Monday everyone!!!  I really am so happy to tell you that I started to do nail art again.  I stopped doing so because I went to Singapore and visited my husband and be a dutiful wife (lol) and I got short nails so I was very lazy to do it.

My nails have grown back and I did a simple (sweet) nail design.  I love chocolate and I must admit that when doing the design I simply missed eating M & Ms. 

Hope you like it sweeties!
So kyoot! 

Yes!  It is melting, like the M&M candies! LOLz
I used different polish on this design and used a white 2 way nail art pen for the letter M!




  1. cute..

    i have Fb debbi cruz-avila...nakaprivate siya eh..

    you can add my email...

  2. i agree! ang kyut!
    sis,what polish gamit mo sa middle?
    i like yung pagkayellow nya!

  3. sis debi, di ko mahanap eheheh nagtatago ata!!! LOLz

    sis Thiamere, the yellow polish? its from sallyhansen ung fast dry nila ata yon hehehe!

    Thanks po sa lahat!

  4. Can I just say that I just ate 100g of mini M&Ms last night? :D

  5. really? you too has a sweet tooth!!!! Hoorraayy for chocolates!!!!