Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rainy Thursday!

I am so happy that I have been able to blog again, there’s this feeling of joy that I am able to express my everyday activities and feelings.  Thanks everyone for just being there (sheepishly smiling), even when I do not post regularly.

Today, I wore a leopard print blouse which I bought at Tutuban Center, F21 jeans and a pair of zebra print flats from Parisian.

I feel energized today!  It rained last night and I really slept well, hmmm… I still feel the softness of my pillows right now >_< !  I also took some pictures of my accessories today using my phone cam!  I love them so much!

I really like this necklace, so classic.

The bangles I mentioned to you in my last post.

Earrings from my cousin too.

Parisian flats
Seeing these photos I took, made me think, I really have to buy a decent camera.  I am using my sister’s camera on most pictures here in my blog, but it gave up on us recently (sigh).  Save.  Save.  Save.


  1. Hi Debi! thanks for the like!!! hahaha parang facebook lang noh?

  2. fashionista ka talaga elsa! love love!! hehehe