Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Risk of sitting down, ALL DAY!

Hi everyone!  I want to share with you lovely ladies what I have read this morning from the net.  I may say that it did scared me a lot, because I work in an office where I sit all day long, facing the computer and never do either stretching or simply walk around my table (sigh).  I really am living an unhealthy life (guilty me), not regularly eating fruits and vegetables and being lazy to do simple exercises as well.  So I hope you do some pulling and stretching and remember to eat healthy unlike me (hehehe).

click to see in full view.

Till next time, enjoy the rest of you day!!!



  1. hi Elsa! I got this email from an office mate and it is indeed scary when we sit almost all the time! yeah...we need to really really walk and stretch on cases like this! have fun!

  2. Nyay! Paano na tayo niyan! E ang tanging panahon na tumatayo tayo ay para mag-time-in-out sa tanghali! Hehehehe.