Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Purple Day!

Tuesday is purple day here at work!  We practice color themed uniform and we got to dress the way we want and with style (love it!).  And I want to share my happiness too, because I found the shoes I was eyeing a long time in the internet, and much cheaper too and it's heaven, you know.  I bought it from So Fab! and my, I was drooling with joy when I saw it.  I bought it instantly after fitting it.  I hope it matches my purple dress hehehe!

My purple dress + the So Fab! shoes.

The awkward pose strikes again! Hahaha! Love the height too!

My FOTD! I love that pink lipstick from Skinfood!!! It is on my makeup kit EVERYDAY.
Thanks hunnies!!! I hope you like it too!

Mwah! Till next~