Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Independence Day Sale!!!

Another Tuesday and we are half way on the month of June!!!! Can't wait for August!!!!  Hubby's gonna be home and I am so anticipating that day weeeee!!!!!

Last Sunday, I almost lost the chance to avail of the 50% off (Independence Day Sale) on all items at Jellybeans!  Jellybeans sells cute stuff from clothing to accessories to shoes (I love that store).  I went home with three cute items and I want to share them with you!!!!

Purple Dress from Primadonna, That cute nude sandals from Jellybeans.
Watch from Aldo, Bracelet from Jellybeans.

I love this new bracelet weeeee!!! And that cute little bunny!

My gold ribbon ring!!!!
Nails polish is Zoya Matte and Stamped with Konad Zebra image

I am into posting outfits on this blog hehehe!!!

Lovin' the weather too....

Happy Tuesday!!!



  1. love the dresss...love purple

  2. blooming!
    love your gold ribbon ring! ♥

  3. i love the bracelet and nice outfit :)