Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What a Shame!

Hello peeps!!!

Really had missed blogging because of work, I just came back from Bacolod for a Student Leadership Training and WTF! I can't even do a tag (sigh!)! Anyways, I really want to share with you an email that was forwarded to me by my office mate and I really was so DAMNED PISSED of what I saw, and I can't let it pass without posting it here and on my FB account! NYAHAHAHHA!


email content:

"A couple of days ago, an embarrassing scene was played on TV when a Filipino
general was carried on someone else' shoulder so he wouldn't get wet when
he stepped off a banca. The American officer on the other hand waded
in the water and stepped off the banca without any help. See the
symbolism on why the Philippines has problems ?

I think the Filipino General should be fired. How could he win the war
against the Abu Sayaf? Eh, tubig lang takot na siya. Nakakahiya!!
Lalong nakakahiya doon sa Kano na kasunod niya.
he he he he he he he he
Send this to all your friends and hopefully this will circulate
para mapahiya itong General na ito. "

What a shame.... Ganyan ba ang mga dapat mamuno sa bayan natin! LOLssss, may lahi sigurong gremlin si Gen. kasi ayaw dumami Bwahahhaha!

Sorry but this administration is so corrupt and only this coming election will the Philippines be saved from these wolves. Please vote wisely, the youth is the future of the next generation waaahhhhh sobrang gamit na pero dapat ng matuto ang taong bayan!

May pag-asa pa!

that's all folks.... till next!



  1. lmao bagong pedicure ang lola ,,what a scene ..*sigh*

  2. I think it's kind of trouble!
    yay! Filipino General looks very healthy :)

  3. shocks.. wawa naman yung nagbuhat. :(( kakahiya nga!! hays...

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