Sunday, October 10, 2010

Birthday hauls and the Rescued feet

Hi everyone! I've been MIA for awhile because of a lot of things, but hey I want to share with you my hauls for the past week, but I am not guilty 'cause it was my birthday! Hoorraaaayyy!!!!

The Urban Decay Hall of Fame

Consists the XL Eyeshadow Primer Potion: 60% larger than original size
24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil in Zero: Creamy, forever-lasting, and waterproof
Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss in Timothy: Slick, yummy gloss and half-naked men (lolz)
Skyscraper Multi-benefit Mascara: Six-in-One formula and new generation brush
Lipstick in Midnight Cowboy: Sheer beige shimmer in a luxe, creamy formula

When I saw this thing on the CareFreeShoppers Multiply site, I was mesmerized! I had to get one fast! Yay! I still have two items pre-ordered and I am so excited to see them already.

Har, har, har! Now you are officially mine! (I am insane.)

More make-up which I bought from my office mate who has a friend from the US, selling Maybelline, Loreal, Covergirl and a lot more!

I've already used them and I am surprised that the colors are very pigmented.

The Maybelline Intense Volume Mascara

I have to admit that I was wrong to had bought this pencil liner, Caramel 09, it's too dark for me! Yay! I might give this to a friend though.

Maybelline Cream Gel Liner in 02 Brown

This was a gift to me by my best friend whose in Singapore... I really miss you best! And I am really surprised you were able to get here (Manila) in time for my birthday! She stayed at our place and all we do is chat, chat and chat! See you on Februay next year! She's so sweet, that's why I treasure her!

Blush from The Body Shop. A coral shade that so pretty on me! Yay, no swatch!

Bought this statement rings in Zamboanga City, the Barter place is heaven.

After my birthday, I traveled to Zamboanga City for work and of course touring around. We had an activity which we planted mangroves, it's fun thought it required so much energy because of the mud that will keep you slow walking around the planting area.

This is me while planting that tree! Soon it will be a big tree that would house small fishes and crabs! :) And look at my feet!!! They needed to be rescued! I had some cuts and bruise on my feet because of those sharp broken corals beneath the thick mud.

And off I go to the Organic Rituals Spa yesterday! Happiness!

"Use of 100% organic scrubs, lotions and oils. Polishes used are 100% FREE of DBP, Toulene & Formaldehyde. Safe for Pregnant & Lactating Women"
I chose their Rescued Feet with Pedicure and regular Manicure. I read some reviews about this Spa, but being there is true pleasure. Just what I needed, Relaxation! The aroma of the place and the sounds they play is very relaxing, I think there was a time that I wanted to sleep but fought the urge because I want to know every single details Ate Ludy and Ate Aster is doing on me. I also met Nikki, one of the owner of the spa. She's so pretty and friendly, and I wanted to thank her for the warm welcome she gave me when I entered their spa.

They served me a glass of iced tea and something to munch on, Moringa chips (so vegan!) I love!

And also, I was able to get my pre-ordered Zoya polishes. I am so excited! At long last Zoya! The spa carried a wide array of organic polishes like Zoya and Sparitual Polishes. When I saw a lot of pretty polish, I felt that I wanted them all, but I had a limited budget :( that's why I just added one polish to my orders! :)

My feet being rescued! (calling 911)

I chose polish from Sparitual but I forgot the name I think it has a rose in it.

Look! My precious Zoyas! All my orders are matte but I added Kelly and I'm in love.

The past week had been amazing for me, especially when hubby called. I really miss him though we really have to sacrifice for now. I love you husband! :)

That's pretty all girls! Hope you'll have a happy week ahead! God bless y'all!


  1. wow great hauls...and belated happy bday to u sis..

  2. that's a lot of stuff!
    new products to play with

    im sure you'll love UDPP. is that the one that has a better scooper?
    i hope that it is!

  3. aww belated Happy Birthday and you deserve all the hauls and pampering Elsa!

  4. @Thriszha: thanks sis... hope to see you soon hahah la pa ung isang mail from PO eh

    @Thiamere: yeah i hope to be doing EOTDs again.. The UDPP that i have has the new scooper weeeeee! I hope i won't murder the bottle like you did hehehe!

    @Nikki: thanks Nikki! I am very much into your Korean blog updates heheheh!