Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My very first entry to the Fab Nailarts Theme Challenge!!!

Hello there!  I am too excited to show you guys my very first entry to the FAB Nailarts Themed Challenge.  The challenge for the week is "PINK".  Oh yeah! So girly and I love it!

Here, I used China Glaze Second Hand Silk (the light polish) and the Claire's polish (the dark pink)
I just added flower stickers to my nails so that it may look girly

This one I used both Elianto polishes in Hot pink and light blue!

Yey, I am so happy I have been able to send my very first entry and do the challenge!!!!

Happy rainy Wednesday to you all!


  1. That flower stickers looks very nice!!!

  2. yay.. finally u join in our challenge.. extra strong yan malamang..LOL

  3. Thanks sisses!!!

    @Thriszha: oo yan yon, nahilo ng ako super strong talaga hahahah