Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I nailed it!!!!

I think I've perfected putting nail water decals on my nails!!! I am happy looking at them!  I feel classy wearing those cute design on my nails!  Everybody noticed and appreciate it!  Hope you like my nail art designs and the water decal design I bought!!!!  Happy looking!

Sally Hansen Racey Rouge...(kinda orangey red)
I used silver etude polish and sally hansen black out
finished... it looked like a plaid to me hehehe
The nail water decal.... so cute
It looked like I made a water marbling design hahahha!

 That's all for now sweeties!!! Happy Wednesday to all!


  1. whoa!
    that looks great!

    next year ittry ko na yung water decals. sa ngayon ang main goal ko ay chrsitmas deco pero nsa priority list ko na ang water decals..haha!

  2. ang ganda ng water decals!!! I wish I can grow my nails kaso hindi pa pwede baka ma-scratch ko si baby...

  3. Love both designs! esp the water decal pattern looks amazing!

  4. i love sally hansen insta-dri in jumpin' jade. will get this one next =)

    new follower here from FAB UR NAILS in fb(Rose Crizaldo) =)