Thursday, January 5, 2012

Outfit Post: Thursday Look

Thursday na!!! Weee... weekend is approaching and I am so excited!  Weekends are so important for me, this is the time that I could cuddle with the hubby all day long ( ahahah ang landi lungs!)

And for my Thursday look, I am wearing a dress from Tomato, this one is a gift from my husband last Christmas. He surely knows what I like noh!

You know I really love Christmas time, not only are we celebrating the  birth of our Lord Jesus and the time we bond with families.  This is also the time of the year when there are lots of discounts everywhere!!

Dress from Tomato, shoes from So Fab!

Another look, hahaha ang dungis sa likod! 
Shoes from So Fab! I got this for 50% less!  I love it, so comfy and fesyown!
 And some accessories to complete the look!

Statement ring from Forever21, also got this on sale!

Bato ni Darna bwahahah!
 Another favorite is this owl necklace!

And the cutie patootie earrings from jan lang sa tabi tabi nyahahah!

And for the FOTD, used the UD Vegan Palette again on my eyes.

So there you go,  my Thursday look!


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