Friday, November 27, 2009

I miss you all!

Hello? Hello?

LOL! I just missed blogging a lot! Something came up and I am sharing it with you guys. Last November 9, 2009, I was chosen to be one of the delegates for the RP-Korean Youth LeaderEx-change Program together with other 11 delegates from the different regions of the Philippines. I was so happy that I was one of the lucky who were able to experience the so called Korean Wave haha!

We flew in South Korea, November 10, 2009 at around 12:00 MN, so late that I was sleeping in the airplane the whole time, together with my officemate. We landed at Incheon Airport about 5 in the morning of November 11 and called Ms. Chong, JungHyun of the National Council of Youth Organization in Korea (NCYOK) to fetch us up and meet with the other delegates, btw, the other delegates took the Cebu Pacific flight at 3:00 in the afternoon that day and they were earlier to arrive at the Dreamtel (Hotel cum office of the NCYOK), Seoul, Korea. And our journey to experience Korea has begun.... (*wink*)

I am not gonna post all my pictures cuz it might take me a long time uploading them hehehe!

the whole Philippine Delegation together with the officials of the NCYOK

Me posing with the banner jejeje

Ms. JungHyun (staff from NCYOK), Rochel (my officemate), JJ (our interpreter) and mwah!
Their famous shabu-shabu

Street foods at Insadong

local stores which sold cute items such us figurines and the likes

fried larvae, took a picture but never did try this

The Bibimbop, too spicy for me...

We visited some Korean institution such as Korea Youth Association, The Yonsei University, and watched a Korean Musical called MISO (smile).

See that? Mmmmmmm!

At Yonsei University chatting with some students...
I feel like I'm in England jejeje

Did you know that their Library is so so much techie... ow! I would love to study here!

I had fun watching this Musical, I was energized!

Street lights

Third day: we head to the Young Worker's Welfare Center, then shop some cheap items from Namdaemun Market (some kinda Tutuban here in Manila), then we were able to experience hands on tutorial on Directing at the Youth Media Center.

How sweet of them!

Busy street of Namdaemun Market

Sorry for the blurry pictures...

We tried to fit Korean Traditional Clothes called Hanbok

Bagay po ba?

Fourth day: My second favorite day, visiting DMZ (demilitarized zone), boundary of the South and North Korea... whew! somewhat scary hehehe! then to the Gyeongbokgung, Gwanghawmun Square (old palaces of Korea).
Dora Observatory

Had a peep from a telescope North Korea...

Rode this mini train to see the tunnel where North Korean dug to spy on South Koreans

Gyeongbokgung Palace "Northern Palace", Freezing when we got here the temperature go down to -2 Celcius

Fifth day? Not that tired that we did toured their National Museum, we should have visited the Han river and do some water sports but the temperature was getting into our nerves that we decided to just stroll at the COEX mall, biggest mall in Seoul. Then headed to my most favorite part of all, Everland Amusement Park...

Ang etude bow!

BB cream rave...

Day Six: Everland Resort, Samsung Electronics Gallery, and then shop some more at Myeongdong, Cheongyecheon and Namsan and had our farewell Dinner at Ibis Hotel.

I kinda felt my heart left my rib cage!

Walang ganito sa Manila Zoo...hehehe

The steepest rollercoaster ride I'd ever tried... I had it twice woohoo!

At Samsung, Hi-tech gadgets galore....

Seoul Tower at its grandest

Farewell Dinner

Seven days? I want more!!!!!! Korea is such a great place, love everything! Mind you my LLS (last song syndrome) was Nobody, nobody but you... (hands clapping)....

Next, I'll post some of my loots.... not that much but a handful!

Miss y'all! have a blessed day!



  1. waahhh!
    how fun!

    that is one of the amusement park that i would really want to go to!

    im pretty sure you had a grand time

  2. hehe,walang ganyan sa manila zoo.hehe,LOL.grabe yung roller coaster ah.parang need ko ng maraming inhale bago ako sumakay glad you had fun sa trip mo elsa.=D

  3. wow! so nice to travel, and I really see you enjoyed a lot dear =) Happy for you!

    PS: I'm dying to try that roller coaster!

  4. I'm glad that you're back. So that explains it why you've been gone for a while. Ah, you're so lucky to travel to Korea. :)

  5. @Golden... im A okay...just busy with work and have facebook?

  6. Hi Elsa, sounds like you had lotsa fun. Must be nice to experience new culture huh. I'm sorry work schedule is crazy kaya minsan nalang ako mag-blog but I'll still be around. :) Hope all is well with you sis.

  7. Hi Elsa dearie! I miss you! Buti at nagparamdam ka. I was really wondering kung ano na nangyari sayo. Hoping for a new blog entry from you. *hugs*

    Re: Thanks for the suggestion. Gusto ko rin i-try yan. May nakita ako sa ebay at mura lang. 355 yung big tub. They said it's really painless nga raw.

    Lots of love,