Tuesday, November 3, 2009

NOTD: Leopard Prints & Halloween Party!

Har Har! Belated Happy Halloween!!! November 1 isn't just All Saints Day at all, but also the birthday of my one and only sister! We celebrated her day at the mall and treated us family, lunch! (Busog!)

And also, I got the chance to have my nails done, using my Konad stamping set.

Leopard prints, please excuse all the filthy stains around my nails hehe!

I love all the praises my friends gave me when they saw it... proud of myself too (*wink*)!

We also attended a halloween costume party, my niece won the best in halloween costume award and the prize!!! One bucket of crispy jollibee chicken joy! Ang saya!

All these children, so cute! (Nageffort talaga sila)

That's Jerdyn, My sister Emily and Eunice!

Me! Fighting with Little Nikki!

One of the crew requested to pose with us!

The Devil and the Angel!

The Birthday Girl and her cake!

We had a lot of fun, and enjoyed the day and the bucket of chicken joy!

Till next!



  1. Your nails are super cute! And those kids haha Angel and Devil, love it :)

  2. So adorable baby-girls!!!
    Lovely nails!!

  3. love your nails and you had a wonderful halloween party!

  4. astig yung print ng nails mo sis :D the kids look cute, ang sarap nung prize!

  5. Thanks for checking out my blog :) The kids are so adorable ;)

    Wish I have a talent in nail polishing...hehehe

  6. @Maui: thanks sis, hirap nga eh practice pa talaga! idea ni sisterret ung devil and angel...

    @Anastacia: thank you sis!

    @Nikki: yes memorable kasi nanalo *wink*, thank you sis ha! God bless you always!

    @Ida: hi sis ida, astig ba, hehehe dirty pa nga eh, di pa ko sanay dun sa stamping kit!

    @Joanne: ur welcome sis, thank you!

  7. Congrats to your niece =) and I'm seriously crazy about chicken joy, it's one of my comfort foodie! I won't give it up til I'm 80. Hehe.

    And your nails are sooo nice! Good job!

  8. cute!!! nails and the kids are adorable

  9. I love the nails very daring prints!

    Oh btw, i am also giving away a Clean and Clear Acne Control Kit on my blog, maybe you want to share your Worst Pimple Moment there and get the chance to win :) Thanks!

  10. Hi sis! How are you. OMG, I can't believe I missed this post. I'm so sorry.

    Love the nails!