Friday, October 23, 2009

My Accessory Loot!

I have found a site where beautiful stuff (accessories) are being sold and I wanna share it with you Ladies! Jerily Faye of Theatre Actress is selling her own hand made accessories for low prices.... really cute stuff and I am loving it!

Here it is:
This ring is so cute...lots of colorful stones and beads! I wore it right away after opening the package

Red I so so Love, but I gave it to my friend Tess because she loved it when she saw it.

This blue is lovely because it has my favorite kind of blue!!! So oceanic! LOL

This necklace some kinda weird but funky! My officemates/friend made fun out of it!

And the Last, Heartful necklace with violet lace (it looked blue on the pic but its actually violet)!

Visit her site just so you know how cute, edgy and worthy are they!

Till next...



  1. Your accessories looks very exotic! I like it!!

  2. i love her accessories esp. the rings :D pero takot ako bumili online baka hindi mag kasya sa daliri ko haha

  3. Hi sis! I'm a fan of handmade accessories. Thanks for sharing the website with us. Ooh, her works are one of a kind. I love it!

  4. ang cucute!! lalo na yung rings. lovely finds sis :)

  5. @Anastacia: thanks for liking it sis! ;D

    @Aika: thanks sis Aika... adjustable naman ung ring kaya any size will surely fit. hehehe! thanks for visiting me again dear!

    @sheri amor: thanks sis, cute fave ko ung ring!

    @Golden: Thanks sis... ako din gusto ko ung kakaiba, one of a kind..

    @Ida: yeah fave ko ung ring... thanks po!

  6. Great fin! they look so funky and colorful :) cute!