Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pinoy... Bangon!

Hei ladies! Been out of order (LOL) these past weeks, not because I don't have anything to blog about but I'm so saddened, depressed and anything you might want to call it about the disaster caused by thypoon Ondoy (Ketsana)! Really had a hard time putting things back in order, I really am affected, not me physically, but by the situation of my friends, officemates and people that were really hit by Ondoy (Bad ka Ondoy!). I know a lot of filipino bloggers was also into hibernation during those times since they too are affected of what had happened but life must go on.... there is still sunshine after the rain, Pinoy pa! Kaya yan!

Yesterday, I had a real chance to take part of what we call Bayanihan. In my own little way, I am so glad that by joining my office mates pack relief goods for the victims will go a long way! Thinking that what I am doing will give smile on their faces, I am so overwhelmed really!

My office mate Tina and Fe... most of our trainees are outside, we didn't have the chance to take pix together!

Venue: Malacañang, Manila.

Everyone is invited to help, just go there and register!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Give smile ;)



  1. At first, I'm a little bit depressed when Ondoy hit Manila, with the flood and all. Some of my recipe books collection are ruined. I have this recipe scrapbook which I really really love and it's damaged beyond recognition. But then just like what you said, LIFE MUST GO ON. ^_^. And I have to remind myself that material things are just material things. I'll just have to make another recipe scrapbook hehe. ^_^

  2. Hi sis. Have a great day. And thanks for dropping me a comment. *hugs and kisses*

  3. Aww, wasnt it nice to be able to help out even in our own little ways?