Monday, October 19, 2009

Birthday Celebration and Nail Art

Howdy Ladies?! Its been quite sometime since I last posted for beauty hauls,FOTDs and NOTDs, I've been busy promoting some programs of our office and lately doing some relief operations for the typhoon victims.

Had my birthday celebration last October 1 with my love ones and had a great time with them too. Lots of Blog sale hauls and gifts to my self and some nail art which I did when I attended my sister-in-law's wedding last October 10, 2009 (whew!)

Here are some pictures from my birthday which was celebrated at the Mall of Asia, we just had lunch and then strolled some.

That's Jerdyn and Eunice my nieces (are'nt they cute)

My Birthday Cake from Red Ribbon ( White Forest Cake)

My ate and her family

That's me and my hubby shheeesss!

My nanay (mother) and the sumptuous food served hot and fresh!

My birthday was fun but my father was not present because he's in Bulacan that time, anyways we had enjoyed that day and lookin' forward to my mothers birthday celebration soon.

My not so perfect nail art (LOLs) although I thought its so cute!

That's all for now, next are my blogsale purchase from jen, I think she's having another blogsale, lots of cute stuff that's so worth it!

Bye for now! Have a great monday!



  1. wow!
    you are also a libra
    how fun naman!

    i haven't tasted the white forest cake...but i think i'll like it better than the black forest...
    black forest had that strong rum taste...that even if the cake is heave, the rum lingers on the tongue..yeecchhh!!!

    what a pretty nail art..
    practice lang yan,sis
    im sure you'll get the hang of it din

  2. belated happy bday again and the nail art is a great start! that is one slammin' nail art!!! more more more :) the white forest isn't my thing, hindi ako mahilig sa cherries heheh

  3. aw.. I haven't tasted that white forest it looks yummy.. does it taste more delicious than the black forest?

  4. @Thiamere: thanks sis thiamere, about the cake, yes it better than the black forest, so yummy you should try it! ;)

    @ Nikki: thanks sis nikki, I just ate half of those cherries ehehhe!

    @Sheri amor: you should try it sis, it yummy talaga, i like it more than the black one!