Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Get Glossed!

Another haul from Armie of Carefree Shoppers. Its the Stila for beautycrunch get glossed lip glaze, sets 1 & 2! These just arrived today and I can't help but to blog about it! (much excitement eh)

Set 1 lip glaze composed of grapefruit, raisin and vanilla

Set 2 lip glaze composed of gumdrop, apricot and brown sugar

Look how cute they are... hmmm sweet smelling too (yum yum)!

These are my first stila product and I just want to stare at them forever *wink*! Looks like candies to my eyes :P, mouthwatering... amf!

Thanks to Armie, you're such a great seller, I am looking forward in ordering to you again soon!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. nice haul.. i also love lipgloss!

  2. me too, but this one is too sticky for me...:(

  3. Eyecandies indeed! I have their tinted lip balm and it's really effective in softening my lips, better than Chapstick IMO.

    Lots of love,