Monday, May 17, 2010

Saturday and Sunday Hauls

Hi there! I just want to share with you my hauls last weekend! Its very tiring not because of walking alone, but by the hot weather here in Manila... my, I was glad the air conditioning at the malls were strong and it made my shopping a breeze. *wink*

Cutex Nail Color (Just natural and Green tea)
Got this for 77 pesos each (almost $2 each)
Original price of 109.75 pesos

The ever raved Maybelline Magnum Volum Express Mascara
Got this on sale 20% discount, original price was 429.00 ($9)

The Konad French Corrector at 320.00 pesos ($7)

Konad Special Polish in Black 180.00 pesos for 5 ml ($4)

Elianto Nail Color (Hot Pink and Light Coral)
99.00 pesos each (almost $2)

Ain't shopping the next best thing on earth!!!!

Happy Monday everyone!!!!

Till next!


  1. Nice haul!! Lovely nail polishes!

  2. thank you sis!!!! have a nice day!

  3. wow! lucky nails you have =)

  4. thanks sis abby, yay these nails must be spoiled to death!