Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Nail Water Decals, I so Lurve!

Hello everyone! Yesterday, a package arrived coming from Onestop Kikayshop. She sells a lot of goodies, from nail water decals, foils and a lot more. I think right now she doesn't sell internationally but she's preparing to sell it worldwide soon. I am so happy with what I had ordered, but I didn't took a photo of my items teehee! But I'll show you what I did on my nails, so excited to try out the pink leopard nail water decals! and I so so LOVE it!

So cute!!! But, Elsa needs more practice putting those water decals :(

And I had stamped Heirloom Organza with stars and crown hehehe! It looked so boring that's why I had it stamped.

That would be all! Hope you all like it! Happy Wednesday Lovelies!


  1. wow girl! You are really addicted with nails, how many times a week do you change the look of your nails? :) So pretty!

  2. oo nga sis nikki eh! pagkatapos sa make-up eto naman, masyadong pricey nga lang hehehe! pero nakakasaya ng mood! twice a week lang ako magchange ng polish sis!

    thanks for the compliment sis! :D

  3. OMG!!! Those decals looks so adorable!!! Soooo sweet designs!

  4. thanks sis anastacia... i love it... the seller have so many designs to choose from... you can visit her.. there's a link.

  5. I love the leopard one! super cute!

    I find it is so hard to draw leopard pattern, so i just keep my nails plain LOL

  6. hi Sis Pixie D!!! thanks for reading my blog.

    I too had a hard time drawing leopard pattern, that's why I just use water decals its so easy and not too messy!