Sunday, September 12, 2010

Metallic Blue Foil and China Glaze Atalier Tulle

At last, I really had the time to put foils on my nails. The reason, remember my post on water decals? I had it on for a week hahaha! I love it, that it just got chipped when I did the laundry, that tough huh? :P

I used the metallic blue which I also ordered from Onestop Kikayshop. This is my first time to try foiling. I think it's easy but you just got to have a lot of patience.

I hope this would also last for a week hahaha! I am so crazy on these babies that I would like to order more from that shop... btw, she promised to give me some freebies the next time I order :D !

Not bad for a first timer hehehe!

Without flash


With flash.

And this, never mind LOLz! China Glaze Atalier Tulle from the Immaterial Gurl set, on my toe nails! I love its creaminess! Next time I would try it on my finger nails too!

Sorry for this pictures, it magnified my fresh wounds from my cleaning!

That's all folks! I hope you like it! Happy Sunday to all! God bless y'all!


  1. awe! such lovely color of the foil!

  2. wow, super metallic nga, but not my thing :( hahaha bagay mo but I can't ..hahaha

  3. @Thriszha: nyahaha salamat sis...

    @Anastacio: thanks sis... you too have a lovely pair of hands!

    @Nikki: oo nga sis maxado flashy kelangan ko magshades! :P