Thursday, June 10, 2010

BNC Nail Polish: Celtics VS Lakers!

Hello dearies! Happy Thursday to all of you!

Played with my polishes again and I think the game between Celtics and Lakers were getting on people right now!!! Hope you like it! :)

Here's what I used. BNC Nail Color, I think this polish is from Korea. Just got this for almost $2. Love the colors, I just got some problem applying it, so runny and I have to stroke three times just to get the right color I want!

Done some Konadicure too...

Got my image plates from Bundle Monster too!!! BM is a craze!!!! Image plates were so cool, with 21 plates, I can do a lot of nail arts! I got this for $17.99 and they ship fast hunnies!!!

Hope you like it!



  1. Love your Lakers vs. Celtics nail color!

  2. @Nikki: thank you so much nikki for liking it!!! :)

  3. lakers wins!! LOL!! love it...
    weeeeeeee... I cant wait for my Bm plates to arrive..oks ba ung platesd sis?
    feel free to add me or contact me at:
    hanniz017 at yahoo dot com

    i also love bnc

  4. Hi :) san po ba makakabili ng bnc nail polish??