Monday, June 21, 2010

KOTD: Stoned and Stars

I am happy that I got to have the chance to use the beads/stones which I bought last week in Tutuban! I so love it, I can't help but stare at them every time.

I am sorry, I did not bother to clean the mess, AGAIN haha!

I find it cute on my nails, they're like babies!!!

One thing I did not like though, It falls easily, my fault, because I did not bother to put on a glue just the top coat from Bobbie.

I also tried to do some Star-vagant mani which I wore during the seminar I attended last week!

Here I used Skinfood nail polish and the star image plate from Bundle monster

I appreciate it when some of my colleagues find my mani cute and I hope you like it too!


  1. i loooove your manicute :) where is Bundle Master located?

    i hope you can follow my blog

  2. thanks sis!!!! i PM you about bundle monster

  3. Your nail designs looks amazing! Love both looks!

  4. love that BM plate... medyo maliit lang ung full nail design nya compare sa konad right? where do u purchased ur BM plates? in amazon ba?
    about ur question how do I made a diagonal tip or 2 nail polish its very easy lang sis...
    first I paint my nails for the base color then I used scotch tape placed it diagonally para matakpan ung area na ayaw mong lagyan ng 2nd color polish.. ang dali lang sis.. u can also free-hand the diagonal polish kung ayaw mong gumamit ng scotch tape pero ako lagi akong gumagamit para mas maayos ung diagonal nail tip.. try mo sis super dali lang talaga..kelangan lang totally dry ung polish!!

  5. @Anastacia: thanks sis!!!!

    @Thriszha: sounds easy... hope I can do it!!! thanks sis for the tips!!!

    btw... i bought BM plates from amazon nga!

  6. yay kaingit my BM plates kana! hehehehe
    i like it! and I also like the polish you're holding.. =)

  7. @Mae: lol nakiuso lang rin! iba nga ung nadampot kong polish face shop yan na may glitters!

  8. im looking forward for ur mani doing a double color... weeeeeeee!! btw, how much do u pay for the shipping of ur Bm plates and ilang weeks ung shipping?

  9. @Thriszha...thanks sis... please see my comment on your latest post!