Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Giang's Mini Giveaway!

Giang is having her Mini GIVEAWAY here!!!
Love the prizes!!!!!
giveaway ends in two weeks on...TUESDAY, JUNE 16th, 2010!

the rules are:
1. leave me a comment telling me something funny about yourself or just tell me your favorite joke :)
2. be a follllower of course! because this is for my beauty babes
3. just mention my giveaway in your blog or post it somewhere
4. and one entry a person, because i get confused *scratches head*

the winner will be choose by...funniest joke! ahahaha nooo jkkk
just by random org. or the drawing of paper thing again.

Her giveaways is so unique, you think so? Maybe she loves to laugh, she's pretty!!!!


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