Thursday, August 6, 2009

FOTD + NOTW for a rainy wednesday!

I've been battling this idleness since monday people! Since we went back here in Manila I just want to go bed to snuggle and doze off, been absent in office since monday and tuesday, and yep, so lucky that August 5 was declared a holiday, thanks to Cory!

While mah hubby is busy with watching the live telecast of Cory's eulogy, I've got plenty of time playing with make-up! I got to try the eyeshadow I recently bought at elianto. And here it goes!

First I started with a clean face and just put on a little moisturizer. I used the TFS Makeup base in #1 (green), applied a little foundation, revlon colorstay (forgot the shade, pardon), concealer for pimple marks, MAC NW35 and artdeco mineral loose powder to set face.

For the eyes: I used artdeco eyeshadow primer, used the elianto lilac eyeshadow, TBS purple eye color, TBS cubes in gray and TBS matte flesh color for the crease, forgot ladies the color shade and numbers! Used Kate line shadow in shimmery gold for the inner lid. Lined upper and lower eyelids with Avon eye liner in black, curled my lashes with Fanny Serrano curler and TBS divide and multiply mascara in black.

For the lips and Cheek: I used the lippies i just bought from Skin Food and Cheek color from elianto. TBS Shimmer waves for the contour.

FOTD for the rainy day! Im wearin' yellow just to give courtesy to our Pres. Cory's day! Warning! Heavy pix!


Aint it such a cutie hihihi! Hope you like it guys! I'm only doing this just for you and for my HAPPINESS!

Bye chummies! great rainy day of thursday!



  1. Danda ng eyes. Purple eyeshadows really suit our brown eyes.

    Galing din nung nails and nung fingers of course. Hanggang ngayon nagtataka ako kung pano mo nagawa yung design sa nails. Haha! Unfortunately, as much as I want to paint my nails, hindi pwede eh. I have this uber small fingers and small nails. Hehe. Eto ata pinakahate kong part ng katawan ko, yung hands ko.

    With regard to the dress, hindi kami magkasundo ni Hubby sa design. Hehe. Yung #8 gusto nya samantalang ako gusto ko #6. Tapos umentra pa nanay ko sa eksena. Sya na lang daw patahi ng dress ni baby. Gusto nya daw Barbie Style. Nahihilo na ako. Haha!

  2. @sheri amor: thanks for droppin' by!

    @Golden: thanks sis! madali lang naman un gawen eh, cguro at first mahirap ganon din ako pero nikki of askmewhat made it very easy...start with just two colors and masasanay kana!

    Sis payag ka na, si mother dear ang papagawa hihihi... atleast di ka na magiisip malay mo bonggacious ang ipagawa ni mother dear!

    Post pix okay!

  3. I really do like your nails! Looks so fun and very original!
    How do work that The Face Shop base?

  4. @Anastacia: TFS face base it just like any other base e.g. BB creams ...only the one i used is the green, to cover redness and blemish!

  5. wow! love the nails! how'd you like the TFS green base? :)

  6. I like this look on you, bagay na bagay. ^_^

  7. @Nehs: Thanks neh! Try it bka it would also work on you.

    @twinsouls888: thanks sis! magaganda kasi tayo un lang un!!!! hahahahah grabe! kaya umuulan dito eh!

  8. nice nails!.wonder how u guys do those dewy blushing look.ang cute eh

  9. @Shobe: thanks girl! nag practice lang hehehe!