Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm so Excited (and I just can't hide it!) LOLzzz!

The title says it all....

My pre-buy Charm Holiday Brush Set has arrived.... I've been anticipating this very day that the mailman will knock on my door to announce the arrival of my babies....

Thanks to Ms. Sophia Uy of Beauty and Minerals for making this possible though it was so very late because of late shipment from their supplier abroad, she always update us the status of our orders.

Sorry friends I was so excited that I tore it immediately.

The cute pouch where mah babies are being cradled!

See the free item... hehehe sample of their mineral e/s in cafe latte.

Bristles soft as a baby weeeeeeee!!!!

Just got excited and i want to share the happiness with you guys..... GTG!!!! I have to savour every moment with these babies!!!!

Have a blessed day!!!!



  1. wow!
    they look so soft!

    im pretty sure that you will have a great time applying makeup from now on

  2. hahaha dont you hate it when u get too excited and u open the package without taking pics :))=))

  3. i'm excited for you too Elsa! :) i get excited also if i know there's a package coming! :D

    about the falsies, they're from watsons sis, they're on P34!!!

  4. oooh that brush set looks nice! enjoy :D

  5. me too.im always excited when it comes to packages

  6. the set looks so fabulous. have fun using them :)

  7. enjoy!!!!! :) You do sound excited!

  8. Hi sis!

    Wow! I heard good reviews about Charm Brushes. Waa, me like those brushes too. ^_^

  9. wow nice goodies :D i like it too :D and girl thanx for tagging me but i didnt saw that your updating sorry :C

  10. ....i'm about to lose control and I think I like it :D

  11. wow! envy mode!!! i wanted this so much but couldn't justify buying it since i'm drowning in brushes already... must save up for this though. maybe christmas. :)