Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hesitant newbie!

hello everyone!

Yesterday, while browsing nikki's askmewhats site, I got inspired by her Nailart tutorial and bravely attempt to do a simple nailart of mah own.

And this is my NOTD!

Sorry for the blurred images, I just used my camphone!

And for your information while posting this article, I somewhat been hesitant to upload images of my NOTD. Im kinda embarrassed on how it turned out to be (pssssttt... im just a newbie please pardon me!)

I really am so greatful that i came across to blogsites like nikki's askmewhats they really are angels in the blog world!

Till my next post!
Have a great day ahead!


  1. awww thanks! hey it's great nail art to start with! You'll definitely do more soon!!!! I started with those flowers too!!! ANd trust me, I'm as scared as you to post it! :) I'm glad you did this! SO proud of you

  2. thanks alot nikki! youre such a fairy godmother! *wink*

  3. PRETTY! i can never do nail art cuz i get lazy finishing the other hand! HAHA!

  4. thanks Kaz, im just inspired by nikki! hope you could share your NOTD also! have a nice day!