Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Three Commandments of DIY Pedis


Before I take off for my Cavite travel, just want to share with you some tips that I've read from Allure. It's all about FEET! Although our feet may seem strong, they are in fact fragile and must be treated with care. This is a part of our body that we always neglect, overused and murdered!!! I myself will attest to that because I've been neglecting mine too... with all the travel and shopping... I've grown a lot of dry skin, callous and spider veins (Sowee Feet)! And now, I promise my every dependable feet that I will take care of them from now on... no tight shoes, no uber high heels, no long walks (yikes!) and yes to foot massages, yes to foot products!

Here are some tips to help you start off every day on the right foot.


Thou shall prep your feet. A good pedi doesn't entirely depend on your skill with a foot file. Schaeffer suggests massaging a product specifically designed to soften calluses and tough skin before you even exfoliate, just like my favorite East Village nail tech always does for me. She uses professional-grade callous remover, but OPI Soften ($30)—with AHAs and green tea—is great for at-home use. The dead skin will disappear with a lot less effort.

Thou shall know when to moisturize. I always put foot cream on right before bed, because I hate the feeling of walking on the floor with lubed-up feet. My approach is dead wrong. "Apply foot cream as soon as you get out of the shower," says Schaeffer. Massaging cream onto your feet after the shower gives the moisturizer something to work with.

Thou shall then slip on socks. "Wearing socks helps your foot cream go even further," says Schaeffer. The nourishing agents will cradle your feet as you go about your business. Again, look for cream like Bliss's Foot Patrol ($26) that exfoliates and hydrates.

Be honest with yourself: Have you been doing all of the above? If not, start. Your feet will be in much better shape when you pull them out of your boots and into your sandals for summer.

—Jessica Matlin

Here are some of Foot products/tools you might want to try!

Margaret Thatcher apparently swears by The Body Shop's Peppermint Foot Lotion, ideal for a relaxing massage.

Z.E.N. Zestful Energetic Natural - Cocomint Foot Lotion
After soaking, apply thinly to feet, it ensures that your feet will have an anti-microbial film that also acts as shield for socks/shoes-borne pathogens. Also apply bedtime. It’s a healthful habit to rid your body’s terminals of any remaining potentially harmful microbes.

Pumice stones

Foot File

There are a lot of products to choose from but all end with a HAPPY FEET!!!!


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  1. ooh that cocomint looks interesting. since it consists of two of my favorite flavors, i'd imagine what it would smell like.