Monday, June 8, 2009

My unplanned haul!

Hey guys, happy Tuesday!

Last Sunday, I and my officemates supported an important cause called End Hunger: Walk the World 2009, Philippine edition of the World Food Program.

The Walk is a joint effort of WFP and its corporate partners, led by TNT, Unilever and DSM. Employees from these companies walk with WFP Goodwill Ambassadors, staff, and beneficiaries as well as government and NGO partners to show their solidarity in the fight against hunger and malnutrition.

The walk started at 6:00 am at the Manila Baywalk and ended at the Raja Sulaiman Monument! It really was a tiring activity but thinking what it would do to our fellowman, it gives me a renewed spirit to finish the walk! There were a lot companies who supported the activity like TNT, Unilever, Starbucks, Lipton Icetea, Tikki-tikki, Max’s, Vit-water, Krispy Kreme and a lot more. Some sponsors gave away some surprise like tumblers from Tupperware and donuts from Krispy Kremes.

The program at the Raja Sulaiman was attended by some important persons like Mayor Alfredo Lim, some politicians, some from the showbiz and sports business and a lot more from different organizations. It was such a fun event for it feels like a fiesta.

My husband and I get to have a lot of camwhoring. Take a peek:

After such a tiresome activity, we went to Glorietta and there attended the morning Mass and walk a lot more (sorry feet!). We ate at the food court in Landmark and buy some little stuff!

While my hubby is busy with his reading at a small bookstore in front of the Face Shop (shhhhh! Can’t help but to go inside, it really is inviting eh), I got myself my unplanned haul!!!! (huhuhu… sorry budget!).

I'll just do a review later on with these amazing products!


Have a great day ahead! ;P


  1. your pictures are so cute and it's so cool you joined that walk. hehe i know what you mean about unplanned hauls though! it's like being in a candy store, parang you can't come out empty-handed. haha!

  2. Oh wow! Great buys at The Face Shop! =)

  3. @Ida: oo nga sis eh, nakakatempt minsan! pero so worth it naman pagnakabili ka na! parang high na high ang feeling (adik)! have a great day Ida...

    @*jen*: thanks jen i love the BB cream and the moisturizer!!!! smile always

  4. I love haul!!! but i am dieting because i dont want to put so many stuff on my face because it might get baby baby kasi eh...hehehe

  5. @debi: thanks debi! oo nga diet ka muna sa pampabeauty so that the baby will be healthy! pero be sure to be beautiful everyday!!!! God is so good! take care always!

    @golden: thanks golden! take care!

  6. Thanks for following my blog :)X

  7. heads up on the Q&C bb cream hehe review!!hehe.thanks sis for dropping by at my site i followed

  8. Hey! Sooo pretty pics! And great haul as well!

  9. @Sugar: thanks sugar, ur so sweet just like the name implies! take care!!!

    @Shobe: yeah really is a wonder! have a great day!

    @my_makeup_mania: thank you sis! you have an amazing site and ur very talented lady keep it up!