Wednesday, July 8, 2009

AVON Glazewear Lipstick!

Hello peeps!

I am so excited about this lipstick that I bought from my AVON girl office mate! I never thought of how it would turn out wearin' it.

Its the AVON's glazewear lipstick in raspberry. It is a color-gel formula that delivers smooth, silky color and shine that lasts. I feel that I'm not wearing any lipstick at all because its lightweight and non-sticky compared to other lipstick. I think I love how it nourishes my lips and it made my lips pouty too!

pouty pouty!!!!

See that shine! Aww!

I also like how it was packed. Sleak and cute!

I'm thinking of buying other shades! (Adik!)

Anyweiz, thats for now sweeties! Oh! buy the way, I dropped by Makati area yesterday and got my Krispy Kreme GC... lookie, lookie!!!! And a little haul would'nt hurt my hubby's eyes teehee!!!!

The husband while waiting for our ordered coffee to arrive!

Soft doughnuts that melts in my mouth!!!!!

Face crayon from TNS-australia! They're on sale original price is Php 395 but i got each at Php 95! How was that!!! Reviews will come soon!


  1. Those Face crayons are a steal! Huge discount! I too have the Avon glazewear. I ended up breaking it 'coz I was applying too much force on it when I was applying it on my lips. It's too sheer for me though. But I like how it makes my lips glossy and sparkly. *winkwink*

  2. @golden: yeah it really was a steal! and i love it! so creamy! take care sis!!!

    @--aika--: hi aika!! kamusta girl? thanks! MWAH!

  3. wow parang gusto ko nun lipstick how much sis?