Monday, July 20, 2009


Hei guyz what's up... I've been MIA lately, that's because up until now I'm being locked up here at Marikina Hotel, where we train delegates that would represent our country to the 36th Ship for South East Asian Youth Program.

Hope you could feel what I feel, I'm here for the past 7 days and will be here until the 25, how 'bout that? (sigh)! I really miss the husband, family, friends and favorite nieces! And of course the MALL (eeeekkkkkk)!

7 days of sitting around, eating, puyat and everything... shockers!!!!! Now, the fruit of all that????? CELLULITES, PIMPLES and STRESS!!!!! I wanna go home!!!!! (if not only for the job teehee).

Goodbye for now my dear ladies... hope to be back the soonest possible time!!!

Have a happy 10PM of Monday dearies! *wink* (with eyebags at the floor)


  1. Hirap talaga being away from your loved ones... 4 more days to go sis, goodluck with everything.

  2. @ako si blenda: thanks sis for always droppin by... really appreciate you and your blogs!!!! God bless!

  3. awww...
    but then you are doing it for the good of our country
    kaya go,sis!
    keri mu yan!

    konting tiis na lang...

    tapos when its over, then you can indulge yourself by eating out together with the rest of your family & going shopping!
    saya nun!

  4. @thiamere: ganon na nga lang siguro girl!!! thanks soooo much!!!

  5. you should eat whatever you want! just take those trainees for a walk or something to burn it off :)

  6. Waaah! You're locked up! Can't you make 'takas'? Hehe.

    By the way sis, thanks for commenting on my site. I bought my shoes from an ukay store here in our palengke. Hehe.

  7. @ Miss Yaya: everyday we have morning exercises, bad thing is, i never get the chance to join them because i always sleep late.. hehehe! Im just a hard headed girl *wink* thanks anyweiz! MWAH!
    @ Golden: thanks girl, san ba yang palengke nyo at ng mapuntahan? i want that one also hihihi, para lang pang costume ko kung sakali *wink*... I can't make takas din coz my boss is always looking for us... (sigh)