Wednesday, July 29, 2009

L'oreal Revitalift Eye Review

Today I am going to do a review of a product based on my experience using it for two and a half months.

Just two months and a half ago, I recognized fine lines on my eye area. Maybe because I am not getting any younger and must immediately find a solution to these ever horrible wrinkles boohoo! I have to look for an eye cream that is effective and that would fit my budget. And the search for the perfect eye cream had begun...

I started out with this product, L'oreal revitalift eye cream.

Over all Rating: 1/5!!!!!!!

I am very much disappointed! Why? Because after two months and a half of using this product, with all its promises, I only got syringomas!!! Not that obvious ones but hello, syringoma is syringoma! Heavens help me!

I've already stopped using this eye cream after I've noticed those little bumps on my eye area, I was afraid it would worsen or something to that effect. Still half full because I only used pea size in applying it. Thanks for concealers, cuz they hide these hideous bumps huhuhu!!!

Lastly, I would not recommend this product to anyone, based on my experience.

Bye for now dearies!!!! We're having our teambuilding activity right now... i just escaped hihihi!!!!

happy afternoon of wednesday to all!!!!



  1. really? oh no!!!! I hope you'll find something better :)

  2. awww...
    that's too bad
    hope it would go away,hun

    bad eye cream!

  3. @Askmewhats: yes nikki! could you recommend something else?

    @thiamere: yeah really bad sister!

  4. hey nice blog
    following you nw :)
    happy blogging :)

  5. I tried that once myself. I agree with you, however I was spared the bumps!

    The one I'm using now (and I like it!) is by Origins Youthtopia Anti-Age serum. (I bought it on ebay at half the price, but you can get a sample to try at the Origins counter)

    It's good stuff and worth the few extra bucks. (Plus they don't test on animals or anything AND recycle all the containers) Hey, go green if you can!

    I would suggest you e-mail or write to Loreal about your experience. Even without a receipt they should refund you your purchase price. Or if you bought it from a CVS, they return products as well. Even if used.

    Every little bit counts!
    Thanks for your post!

  6. Thanks for letting us know...wouldn't dare to try it now...Happy blogging :)

  7. Hi sis. Thanks for dropping by my blog.

    It really is hard to find a good eye cream 'no? I hope your eyes are much better now.

  8. @f8hasit: thanks for letting me know.

    @kasabiangirl: welcome girl... this is just based on my experience...

    @Golden: welcome sis... until now i am searching for my HG eye cream...

  9. o my.. sorry to hear about this. hope you found a solution already. :(