Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I'm being sentimental these days... maybe because it always rains here in the metro. But I guess there is something missing in my life right now. I know a lot of us experienced wanting something and not able to have it.

It's so easy to have material things... like if we want to have to buy necessities all we have to do is find a good and stable job, we want to have a stable job or a high salary we go and find good education and etc.

But some things that we eagerly want can't be bought in a store or find anywhere else, we would just wait for something to happen, for He has His own time.

Let's just wait and see... *wink* (all smiles).... as long as I have my faith... I will remain hopeful! For all I know God is so good all the time.

That's all now folks... have a happy tuesday!!! :)


  1. Hi sis. Thanks for commenting on my site. It helps to be sentimental sometimes as it makes us more familiar with ourselves. But I hope you're okay now. *wink*

  2. "But some things that we eagerly want can't be bought in a store or find anywhere else" - from your post

    I have lots of those inside my bag :), and i frequently carry them each and every day...

    but, i am not zealous to obtain all of them...
    because i can never distinguish happiness and sadness if my life will always be perfect...

    i carry all of them to remind me everyday that i am still human :) , and that i can still feel "sentimental" too...

    so, let us enjoy that sentimental feeling :)

    sentimental din ako ngayon... kasi ang nanay ko di man lang tumawag sa akin kahapon :)

  3. @Golden and Girls with Glasses: thanks mga sis sa mga comforting words, i really need it!!! and just a thought.... i was glad to know i still am normal *wink*... God bless my fellow bloggers!!! hugs hugs!

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    Lots of love,

  5. Hi sis, thanks for dropping by. More blessings to come, God bless. :)