Monday, July 2, 2012

Lucky Me!

Oh yes!  My July started out with a big BANG!  So lucky to have friends who are indeed very generous.  I got this lovely package yesterday, before hubby and I went out for a Spidey movie date and my, my what a surprise?!

pretty in pink package is luuurrrvveee!

And this is what's inside OMG!
And so I thought it only consist of the brush set!  But it also have the Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals in Loose Powder and the cream compact foundation!!!!!!

Me so lucky weeeeee! Jump Jump Jump Higher!!!
I am overjoyed and really overwhelmed of the love my friend is sending me through this goodies.  To you Dee, am so grateful to have as a friend.  I love you and we will see each other in August and can't wait for that moment to hug you tight!

Sorry for the extra large sized pictures!  I really want them to be that way, ahahah I am just so happy, forgive me!

So happy and let me be :) 


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