Friday, July 6, 2012

Shawill False Eye Lashes

I am not new to using false eye lashes but I still have no post regarding this on my blog yet.  Last time I used simple falsies at work I was not able to take picture and last Thursday, at our office's 17th year anniversary, I had another chance to wear them.

I used Shawill False Eye lashes which I bought at SM San Lazaro department store.  It only costs me 59 pesos (HBC falsies costs much less :P ) plus the glue (I already forgot how much I paid for it).  I love the thickness and the length of this falsies,  they come in different thickness and designs.  I got the number 347 with just the right length for my taste.

It also has the step by step procedure at the back on how to put/use it! See!

I can say you can use it a multiple times just be careful taking it out of its box and from your lashes after using.  You just put it again in the box and use it for another look.

Here I am using the falsies.  Our group danced with the 80s songs and bright color it is, Madonna ang peg.

Me and Rochel 

The falsies made my eyes look much brighter and awake.  I also did some of my office mates' make up!  MUA lang ang peg nyahahaha!  But the night was a blast and we did go home as the 3rd placer.  Wagi!

Have a great week end peeps!


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