Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Nelllzzzz (Nails)

Do you know I am excited doing my nails on Sundays?  Because the next day is a Monday!  And during Mondays we have our Flag Ceremony here at the office and we do the Panunumpa sa Watawat.  I am being boastful "mayabang" at my office mates, I want them to see what my nails look like :) and get praises on how beautiful my nail polish is. Hahahahah!  So much of me being mayabang, here's my NOTD:

Sorry, me being so excited took pictures without even cleaning the sides

My nails looked like they have fresh wounds
but don't worry, I just put little of that red liquid called merthiolate.

I used Sally Hansen's Black Out and the glittery specks on top is a gift from Johanne.  I love how it glitters, it can be orangey indoors and a beautiful green under the sun!  So sad that Iphone can't capture such loveliness.

Hoping everyone a great day!


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