Thursday, July 5, 2012

U-me-LV Nails

Sorry I haven't posted much about nails.  I had to cut my nails short because, as you know, I really got into baking and making cake pops which needed much hand works :)

But now I am growing my nails back and happy to show you my u-me-LV na nails  hahahaha!  Kahit sa nails na lang ang pangarap na LV.

Sorry, haven't cleaned the sides here.

LV nail water decals

I used LV designed water decals I bought at 168 mall.  A facebook friend/schoolmate whose in US was very excited seeing this design.  She has a couple of LV bags and purse and  maybe she wants this too in her nails.  She wants me to buy her this decal and I am willing to indulge her too :)

Happy Thursday!


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