Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What's in the pink pouch?

Yes. That pink pouch consists of these items, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! Who wouldn't jump for joy? Me so happy and excited to use them already.

The 5 pcs brush set, the Extra Virgin Minerals cream foundation and the Extra Virgin Minerals Loose Powder foundation 

The 5 piece brush set composed of the Smudger, Brow and Lash Comb, Eye shadow brush, Lip/concealer brush and Blusher. They come in regular sizes and I love how soft the brushes are and handy too.

The Extra Virgin Minerals in cream compact foundation and Loose Powder foundation are pure love! I haven't used it though but with the reviews I am reading, I know they are both great foundation with my oily skin. Will make another post for those too.

The Extra Virgin Minerals cream compact foundation in Golden Ivory 

The Extra Virgin Minerals loose powder foundation in Golden Ivory too

I don't feel using them hahahaha, parang I want them to get framed hihihi! I almost fainted when I received the package and coming from a dear friend, it really is something that touched my heart.

July started out great for me and hubby! Hope it did started the same with you all.

Have wonderful Wednesday!


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